Erste Hilfe auf englisch / first aid course

After completing this course, you will quickly recognize the difference between a scratch and life-threatening conditions. You will be able to act with confidence because you will immediately know how to act correctly in tricky situations. Here you will learn the first important connections on wich the entire emergency medicine is based.

This type of course is mandatory for:

  • all company first aiders
  • last basic course or advanced training older than 2 years

Course duration:
9 lessons à 45 minutes (usually from 09:00h to 17:00h)


  • For company first-aiders, the costs are usually covered by the professional association (BG) responsible for you. If your company is listed with one of the following professional associations, you must apply for and approve cost coverage from the BG before registering for the course: Munich accident insurance fund, Bavarian state accident insurance fund (KUVB), BG Verkehr, federal and railway accident insurance, SVLFG (social insurance for agriculture, forestry and horticulture ), BGN (BG Food & Hospitality) , BGW (BG for Health Services and Welfare)
  • English language tuition surcharge per participant (to be borne by the company): € 20,00
  • for all other participants the course fees are € 65,00 (to be paid in cash at the beginning of the course)

You can find our course times here.

We also come to you in the company. For individual inquiries, simply send us an email or give us a call.
We are happy to help.

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